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Are you searching for asbestos removal Dorset clients? Waste disposal is already tedious enough as it is on a day-to-day basis. Add toxic materials into the mix, and you’ll end up with a potentially dangerous situation on your hands. One of the most notorious of these materials is asbestos. Unfortunately, this substance can sneakily adhere to waste materials, making it a danger to both residential and commercial property owners. 

At AYS Skip Hire, we know that you already have enough on your plate as it is, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide some of the best asbestos removal services in Dorset. Leave worry and stress behind by hiring our trained professionals. They have what it takes to remove asbestos from your property safely, quickly, and at very affordable rates. 

The safety of our Dorset clients is our utmost priority, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you suspect the presence of asbestos in your rubbish. 

asbestos removal Dorset

Dorset Waste Removal
AYS Skip Hire asbestos removal dorset
AYS Skip Hire dorset asbestos removal

Dorset’s Number One Asbestos Removal Company

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the select few companies in Dorset authorised to remove asbestos materials. The hazardous health effects of this material make it challenging to work with, which is why it is always best to delegate its disposal to our trained asbestos specialists.  

Safe Asbestos Removal Dorset Clients Can Trust

Our years of experience have enabled us to perfect our operational processes. As we streamline the way we do things, safe and high-quality practices have become second nature to our staff members. With rigorous training and adherence to the highest safety regulations, asbestos removal in Dorset has never been this safe.  

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos inhalation mainly causes pulmonary diseases, ranging from non-lethal (yet still adverse) lung thickening to full-out pulmonary cancer. As a result, it is contraindicated to tackle asbestos removal on your own, especially when it has a huge potential of disintegrating into particles and disseminating via air. 

The leading culprits are fibrous blue asbestos and brown asbestos, containing needle-shaped fibres that require handling with the utmost care. Please do not tackle this yourself! Handling asbestos removal without holding an authorised licence leaves you liable to hefty fines and legal action. 

You must hire a company with the necessary qualifications who can acquire an asbestos consignment note instead of the everyday waste disposal form. 

Asbestos Exposure Prevention

It is crucial that you do not handle any asbestos-containing materials without donning the proper protective gear. With this in mind, leave your contaminated work clothes and shoes in the workplace, so as not to pose a safety risk to your family and home environment. 

Plus, do not saw, break, or drill any material in your home without having a sample of it sent to a lab. Even the most harmless of home items may contain asbestos, like tiles, shingles, or drywall.  

How to Identify Asbestos That May Need Removal

Any white or grey bonding designed to waterproof or insulate home items most likely contains asbestos. In our eyes, every material contains asbestos until proven otherwise with a certified lab test.  

Dorset Asbestos Removal

What to Do If You Discover Asbestos

If you’re unsure of asbestos presence, you must execute a Waste Acceptance Criteria, or WAC, test and send the results to us, to guarantee that the waste is not toxic. However, if you highly suspect that the white, brittle material in your home is asbestos, we can treat it that way from the start and arrange for its proper removal 

Asbestos Removal for Domestic and Commercial Premises

Asbestos is harmful no matter where it lies, which is why our Dorset team is dispatched to residential dwellings and business premises alike. We are very stringent when it comes to consumer safety, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Dorset-based team should you suspect the presence of asbestos in the vicinity.  

Waste Management Services In Dorset

Other Waste Disposal Services We Offer

For less critical cases, we also offer general waste clearance services to our clients to cover their everyday needs.  

Waste Management 

Waste removal has never been easier thanks to our Dorset specialists. Simply enlist their help for all your waste requirements, and they’ll be there in a jiffy to get the materials off your hands.  


Waste electrical and electronic equipment can have detrimental environmental effects when disposed of alongside regular waste. We solve this problem by gathering WEEE and getting rid of it separately, following well-designed eco-friendly protocols.  

Skip Hire 

Say goodbye to grappling with heavy garbage bags and hiring individual disposal workers. If you reside in Dorset, hire one of our skips now, and have it delivered to your doorstep as part of our efficient and cost-effective waste removal service 

Rubbish Clearance

Have you had enough of toting around heavy, unwieldy plastic garbage bags? Our Dorset team is happy to take over for you, disposing of your general rubbish and leaving tidiness in their wake, for a fresh, clean appearance! 

Why Choose AYS Skip Hire for Your Asbestos Removal

30 years of experience in the industry have allowed us to make a reputable name for ourselves in Dorset, especially when it comes to asbestos removal. When you hire our team of specialists, you can guarantee that the entire asbestos disposal process will be rapid, regulation-compliant, and above all, extremely safe. 

Thanks to our dedication and commitment, we are renowned with local councils, The Environment Agency, and Dorset-For-You, to name a few.

We have gone to great pains to equip our professional staff with the needed skills and knowledge for this tricky task so that our Dorset clients won’t have to lift a finger or concern themselves with questionable asbestos removal practices.  

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Client safety is non-negotiable. Ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your co-workers by hiring specialists trained in strict codes of asbestos removal. Our Dorset team is no exception. Equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills, they will rigorously comply with governmental regulations to dispose of asbestos safely, with little risk to your premises’ inhabitants. 

They also offer valuable advice regarding legalities on the matter and are willing to perform any legal processes on your behalf. Fill in our contact form now! Request a custom quote suited to your needs, and the team at AYS Skip Hire will get back to you as soon as possible with the appropriate details. 

You won’t regret recruiting the help of our professionals, assisted by our fully automated computer systems. You can expect an efficient and affordable service with AYS Skip Hire, so don’t put it off any longer!