Can I hire a skip in Ferndown

Do you need to hire a skip in Ferndown? Then you need to hire one from the best skip hire company in the business and contact AYS Skip Hire. Simply give a member of our team a call and ask ‘can I hire a skip in Ferndown?’ and we will happily arrange all the necessary details for you.

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Ferndown skip hire

When you hire a skip in Ferndown, you want to be confident that the skip won’t fall apart, no matter how much you put into it. At AYS Skip Hire, we have a wide selection of different sized skips, so depending on the projection of how much waste will be produced, we will have the correct size of the skip that is appropriate for you.

So if you are going to be throwing a large amount of waste away, we would recommend our 12 yrd mega plus skips. For smaller projects, our 2 yrd mini skip will be the best rental skip. A full comprehensive list of all the different options available to you at AYS Skip Hire include:

If you are unsure what size skip is best for your needs, check out our skip gallery. A member of our staff is stood beside each different size of skip, so that you can see a comparison. If you are still unsure, give a member of our team a call, and we will happily advise you.

Choose AYS Skip Hire for all your waste disposal needs

When you need an independent skip hire company, your first choice should be with AYS Skip Hire. Our company has been in operation for over 20 years, so we really know what we’re doing and how to deliver a great package. AYS Skip Hire is registered with the Environment Agency under the ‘Control of Pollution Act 1989’.

We are the leading skip hire and waste disposal company in the South of the UK; in part due to our dependable, reliable service, and the fact that we own the largest collection of skips and trucks that is unmatched by any other waste removal company.

Once you’ve decided what skip you want, speak to a member of our team. Someone will then drive the skip over to your property in one of our industrial-standard trucks, so you never have to collect the skip yourself. Once your skip is full, give us a call again and we will drive to you to pick up the full skip. If you require another skip, let us know, and when we come to pick the full skip up, we will drop an empty skip off.

Images of our skips

To see photographs of our fleet of trucks and warehouse, view our gallery. For an additional gallery that shows images of the different sized skips we own, view this page.

Contact us today for your skip hire

You never need to wonder ‘where can I hire a skip in Ferndown’ again, now you know about AYS Skip Hire. Speak to a member of our team today on 01202 808007 or 01258 857977 to get a free quote for your skip hire requirements.