Bournemouth Skip Hire

Bournemouth Skip Hire

Do you need the best Bournemouth skip hire? With a fantastic selection of skips and 10 years of experience in the industry, AYS Skip Hire will provide your Bournemouth property with a skip best suited to your needs. Call our team today for your free quotation on our services with no obligation to use our company afterwards!

Our skip hire Bournemouth service Bournemouth Skip Hire

At AYS Skip Hire, we are the leading providers of Bournemouth skip hire that the town has to offer. Whether you need a small skip for small-scale domestic improvements to a large skip for house clearances, we have the perfect skip for every purpose and need. Click here to see our full range of skip hire in Bournemouth.

Skips are essential for disposing of rubbish and will help save you money in the long-run. If you choose not to use our skip hire Bournemouth service, there are several repercussions that you should be aware of before proceeding. Repeated trips to the dump and the costs involved will slowly mount up making it more expensive than our skip hire in Bournemouth. If you have a nice car, the rubbish will ruin the interiors.

With the help of AYS Skip Hire Bournemouth service, you can throw rubbish into the skip without having to store it inside your property or your vehicle. If you are doing up the house or doing some building work, this will make your job go a lot more smoothly. Alternatively, our Bournemouth skip hire service is equally suitable for garden clearances too.

Different skip hire in Bournemouth types

We understand that every customer has their own Bournemouth skip hire needs and the amount of rubbish to be disposed of will vary property-to-property. To ensure our customer’s needs are fulfilled by our company we provide the following skips:

  • 2 yard mini skip
  • 4 yard midi skip
  • 6 yard maxi skip
  • 8 yard maxi plus skip
  • 10 yard mega skip
  • 12 yard mega plus skip

Why choose our skip hire in Bournemouth services?

There are many companies offering a skip hire Bournemouth service which makes it a little bit difficult for those who don’t know which company to choose. Not to worry as we have written up the reasons why you should choose our skip hire in Bournemouth services underneath:

Cost-effective skip hire Bournemouth

Did you know that we offer one of the most cost-effective skip hire in the town? So if you want to get rid of wood, rubble, green waste or other, our cheap skips are perfect for your Bournemouth property. We have priced up our skips competitively so that all of our customers can afford one of our skips.


Save money

Many customers find that a skip hire is one of the most cost-effective methods of rubbish disposal on the market. Why rush to-and-fro to the dump and back when you can dump all your rubbish in one skip?  Choosing a skip will allow you to save money on bags and trips to the dump. It will also prevent materials from damaging the interior of your car.

Highway skips

If you need to place a skip on a road or a grass verge, you will need specialist permission from the Bournemouth Local Authority before you can have a skip placed on the area. By choosing AYS Skip Hire, we will provide a complete highway skips service including arranging planning permission, delivery and collection of your skip. You will not have to worry about a single thing when it comes to highway skips however, we like to stress that applications may take up to five working days to process.

Waste management advice

AYS Skip Hire provides detailed waste management advice on request for customers interested in our Bournemouth skip hire. If you are unsure about anything in relation to waste do not hesitate to contact our team today.

Contact us

If you require more information about our Bournemouth skip hire services, do not hesitate to contact the team at AYS Skip Hire today on 01202 808007 or 01258 857977.