Dorchester Skip Hire

With more than 20 years’ experience to call upon, is it any wonder that AYS Skip Hire are such a popular choice for those in need of a skip? We provide Dorchester skip hire that is both reliable and affordable and with a range of skip sizes available; you’ll have no trouble choosing the right skip for your needs. To find out more, call our team today on 01202 808007.

Skip Hire in Dorchester
Dorchester Skips Hire
Dorchester Skip Hire
Skip Hire Dorchester

Skip Hire Dorchester Can Count On

Sometimes, a job is simply too big for a few bin liners to handle – when this is the case, call AYS Skip Hire for a tidier, more convenient solution. Dorchester skip hire is the answer to the issue of having too much waste and no way of off-loading it. You could use your own vehicle, but then you run the risk of messing up the upholstery. You also have limits imposed on you by refuse tips, whereas with one of our skips; you’ll have no such concerns.

Here at AYS Skip Hire, we’ve been offering a friendly, professional and affordable skip hire service since 1987. We carry a wide range of skips in all manner of sizes starting with 2yrd skips from just £95 for rubble. We also have bags and larger skips available as well as cheap skips for inert waste. Simply give our team a call, and we’ll happily advise you on the best skip for your skip hire in Dorchester.

Will I Require a License?

For any skip placed on private property, no license is required. If, however, you wish to place a skip on a road or grass verge, you will require a license to do so. Fortunately, as the most accommodating choice for Dorchester skip hire, AYS Skip Hire can handle this responsibility on your behalf. We’ll contact the local authorities and arrange for a site inspection to be carried out.

This process usually takes around 2-5 working days, and the inspector will determine suitability based on several factors including:

  • Effect on Traffic
  • Visibility
  • Parking Issues
  • Road Works

There are usually certain requirements for hiring a skip on public property. Such rules include not overfilling the skip or placing building materials around the skip and ensuring that the skip is illuminated at night. So long as all requirements are met, a license will be granted, and our skip hire Dorchester team can then arrange to have your skip delivered.

RoRo Hire

Need something a little bigger? Not to worry as here at AYS Skip Hire, we have access to a range of Roll-On/ Roll-Off skips. These range in size from 15 to 40 yards and are perfectly suited for offices, shops, large retail and construction sites. Due to their size, each RoRo skip is transported using a 32 tonne GVW lorry with four axels. If you require skip hire in Dorchester and choose a RoRo skip, a haulage charge may be incurred if we are unable to deliver or collect the skip.

If you’d like to find out more about our Dorchester skip hire service, get a quote by calling us today on 01202 808007. Alternatively, why not take a look at our rubbish clearance and waste management services to see how we can really benefit your business?

Why Choose AYS Skip Hire?

Rid yourself of that unwanted building waste and keep your property looking neat and tidy with one of our competitively priced skips. Providing honest advice and competitively priced services for more than 30 years, AYS Skip Hire are the most logical choice for homeowners and business owners everywhere. From tackling the waste leftover from a garden renovation to handling hazardous waste such as asbestos and WEEE, our skip hire in Dorchester is merely the tip of the iceberg.

We boast a fully certified and accredited team, a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and access to the very latest computerised systems. When you request a Dorchester skip hire service, you’ll always have our assurance of a top-rate service that will meet your needs head-on. What’s more, we’re committed to providing services that are eco-friendly.

We recycle a minimum of 85% of mixed general waste reducing the impact on landfill sites. Plus, we can also provide onsite audits and waste segregation to help companies clean up their operations. As such, our skip hire Dorchester company are fully endorsed by the Environment Agency.

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If you’re in the market for a reliable and affordably priced Dorchester skip hire service, look no further than AYS Skip Hire. Call us today on 01202 808007 to find out more.