Dorset Waste Removal Management

Dorset Waste Removal Management

Do you need to remove waste from your premises? Removing toxic waste is a job our qualified experts at A. Y. S. Skip Hire will provide with our Dorset waste removal management. We will extricate the waste on your property with complete care to the environment. With years of experience in the industry, our team are qualified in handling even the most hazardous of waste and disposing of it using the safest methods.

Management of your Dorset waste removal

The management of your Dorset waste removal will be in the safe hands of our disposal team. No matter how much waste you need removing, at A. Y. S Skip Hire, we have multiple sized skips to dispose of whatever waste you have accumulated.

We will remove the following waste from your premises:


Protect your family or your employees and eliminate the asbestos lurking in your property. Asbestos can become dangerous when broken up so you must remove your asbestos waste with care. We recommend that you contact our Dorset waste disposal unit. Our team have the expertise to remove your waste abiding by the strict removal conduct of the industry.

Plasterboard/ Gypsum Products

It is now illegal to dispose of plasterboards in the same way as other general rubbish. Whereas before, just like the rest of your rubbish, plasterboards were sent to landfills, now, plasterboards and other gypsum products must be recycled separately. We have a proven track record of disposing plasterboards and gypsum through our effective Dorset waste removal solutions.

Hazardous & special waste disposal Waste Management Services In Dorset

Don’t put your commercial and domestic properties at risk and remove the hazardous waste from your property. Not only is some waste toxic to people and the environment, but, as a result, it is the law that hazardous waste cannot be removed alongside non-hazardous waste.

We take pride in being one of the leading waste removal management services to remove your special waste through methods that are safe to the environment. We have listed just some of the hazardous products that A. Y. S. Skip Hire can remove for you:

  • Batteries
  • TV or computer monitors
  • Solvents and acids
  • Tyres
  • Fluorescent tubes

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Are you wondering how to remove your old television? Whether you have an unused TV set or a broken computer, A .Y. S Skip Hire have the means to extricate the unwanted waste from your home. Electrics can cause serious complications in its removal and recycling rates, so we advise you let our experts dispose of your electronics to ensure the complete degradable removal of your products.

Why select A. Y. S. Skip Hire?

At A.Y.S. Skip, we deal with the legalities and registrations involved in the removal of waste so that you don’t have to.  We aim to put your mind at ease by offering the finest solutions to eliminating rubbish through our Dorset waste removal management. Below are just a few aspects of A. Y. S. Skip Hire, you will benefit from when you choose us to remove your dangerous or unwanted waste with us:

  • Advocates of environmentally friendly recycling
  • Frequent disposals
  • Qualified and highly trained staff
  • Twenty years experience

Contact A. Y. S Skip Hire today

Are your bins full? Contact our Dorset waste removal management team at A. Y. S Skip Hire on 01202 808007 and dispose of your waste today.