How do I get rid of Asbestos?

Are you wondering How do I get rid of Asbestos? Wonder no more as at AYS Skip Hire, we will outline all the information you need to know about asbestos removal in this article. We have years of experience in waste removal and are dedicated to providing all of our customers with a great service.

First things first, we strongly advise all customers not to disturb the asbestos at all! Disturbing the asbestos in your property is extremely risky and could have a long-term effect on your health. There are many types of asbestos such as cement-bonded asbestos, blue asbestos and brown asbestos of which only cement bonded asbestos can be removed safely. However many people find asbestos hard to identify, which is why at AYS Skip Hire, we strongly suggest that you call our company today.

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Types of asbestos we remove


At AYS Skip Hire, we are able to remove the following types of asbestos:

  • Blue fibrous asbestos
  • Brown fibrous asbestos
  • Cement bonded asbestos and more

If your asbestos type has not been listed, contact our team for more details on our asbestos removal collections.

Why you need to choose AYS Skip Hire

With many years of experience in asbestos removal, at AYS Skip Hire, we have demonstrated that we are number one for asbestos removal in the South of England.

Due to the dangerous nature of asbestos removal, we ensure that our staff are highly trained to remove all asbestos types. We have a strict code of practice with removing asbestos and will adhere to this code of practice at all times.

We also have a carrier’s licence which allows our company to dispose of asbestos waste as the waste has to be disposed of in a special fashion. We will provide you with a fully completed consignment note and not a standard waste transfer note. If you fail to follow such legal steps with asbestos removal, you run a high risk of fines and legal action due to the health risk posed by asbestos.

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