Skip Hire in Poole

If you’re having a clear-out, don’t waste time driving back and forth from the tip; check out our skip hire in Poole today. Whether you’re looking to get rid of unwanted clutter from around the house before the big move date, or your garage has become a dumping ground for items that you no longer need, our skips are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. If you would like a quote for our skip hire Poole, don’t hesitate to call us today on 01202 808007 or 01258 857977.

Skip Hire in Poole

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Our Poole skip hire

Wouldn’t it be great to have one place where you could just dump everything that you don’t need, then someone else can come and take it all away and dispose of it all for you? At AYS Skip Hire, we can make that happen.Skip Hire in Poole

As part of our skip hire Poole service, our skips are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and once full, can be taken away and replaced. It is important that once the skip is full, you call our Poole skip hire team to come and take it away ASAP as you can get in trouble if the rubbish starts to overflow, as it can become a health and safety hazard.

We provide skip hire in Poole for both green waste and general waste. Read on to find out more about our services.

General waste

General waste pretty much applies to everything else, although we have a specialist Poole skip hire service for those looking to dispose of plasterboard, asbestos and electrical items. We have a range of sizes available to meet your needs so when you choose our Poole skip hire, you can choose from:

  • A 2yrd mini skip
  • 4yrd midi skip
  • 6yrd maxi skip
  • 8yrd maxi plus skip
  • 10yrd mega skip
  • 12yrd mega plus skip

Click on our ‘which skip‘ page to find out more information regarding each of our skips.

Green skip hire

If it is cheaper for us to recycle, then the price of our skip hire Poole is going to be cheaper too. Green waste is naturally decomposable, which therefore makes it cheaper to dispose of.

We can provide both cheap skips and 1 tonne skip bags for those looking to dispose of green waste. We classify green waste as:

  • Wood
  • Foliage
  • Soil
  • Rubble

What are the rules regarding our skip hire in Poole?

If we’re able to place the skip on private land, then we won’t need to ask for permission to place it there. However, any skip that we need to place on council land, whether that’s a road, path or green area, will need to be permitted first.

When it comes to asking for permission from the council, as part of our skip hire in Poole service, we’ll complete the whole process so you don’t need to worry. Just bear in mind that it can take 2-5 days for the council to give permission. In which case, make sure you factor in the delay when you’re arranging the clear-out.

Once we’ve applied for a licence to place the skip on council land, a member of the council will come and assess the area and recommend the best place to put it. They’ll have to consider factors such as pedestrian safety, traffic safety, visibility and parking.

When you choose our skip hire Poole, it’s important that you adhere to health and safety regulations in line with the rules set out by the Local Authority. It means that if you’re planning on keeping the skip over night on the road, as the responsible Poole skip hire company, we have to provide you with lights and traffic cones to place around the skip to ensure the safety of others.

It is also imperative that you don’t let the skip overflow, as any content that spills over would be classed as a health a safety hazard.

What should I not put in the skip?

It’s important that only non-hazardous waste is put in the skip because there are some materials that need to be handled in a specific way. These items include:

If the above materials are not disposed of properly, they can seriously damage the environment and human health.  As part of our skip hire in Poole service, we can provide the correct means in which to dispose of the dangerous materials.

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Why should you choose AYS Skip Hire?

With over 20 years providing skip hire in Poole, we are committed to ensuring that your waste is disposed of in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.  When you call us regarding your skip hire Poole, we’ll make sure the hire process is completed quickly and efficiently including applying for the relevant permissions.

We are dedicated to recycling at least 85% of the rubbish that is collected, so you know that your waste is being disposed of responsibly and as environmentally friendly as possible.

When you choose AYS Skip Hire, you can benefit from:

  • Domestic clearance services
  • Commercial clearance services
  • Free quotes
  • Honest advice

“Thank you so very much, your team did an excellent job. They arrived promptly and just got on with it. They were also very polite – lovely!”

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