Waste Management Bournemouth

Are you conducting any building works to or demolishing a property? Not everything can be dumped into a black sack and taken down the tip. By law, many materials that you may remove while doing any building works need to be disposed of in a specific way. We are a waste management Bournemouth company, expert in the removal and disposal of materials that need to be recycled or destroyed in accordance with strict rules and regulations. Read on to find out more about our services.

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Waste Management Bournemouth
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Our services for waste management in Bournemouth

In a constantly modernising world, the demand for Bournemouth waste management is increasing. From the detrimental effects of asbestos to recycling decrepit 90s computer parts, the handling and disposal of certain materials is either difficult or impossible without calling in a professional company.

AYS Skip Hire is here to help you with all of your waste management Bournemouth needs. Consisting of helpful, professional and knowledgeable waste experts, modern equipment and drivers, our team is prepped and prepared to provide waste management in Bournemouth by removing and disposing of dangerous and hazardous materials including:

We supply a range of skips specifically adapted for the purpose of removing hazardous material. Our skips are available in a range of sizes – from 2 yards to 12 yards- so you can be sure our Bournemouth waste management team can take care of your hazardous waste quickly and efficiently and in accordance to your needs.

Removing your Asbestos

Old grey or white bonded material used for waterproofing and insulation may contain asbestos. Common in older properties, it’s always a good idea to call professional waste management Bournemouth experts if you think your building may contain the material.  Areas you may find asbestos include:

  • Corrugated rooves 
  • Guttering
  • Soffits
  • Flu Pipes
  • Heat resistant panels

There are several different types of asbestos including blue fibrous, brown fibrous and cement bonded.

AYS Skip Hire is expert in removing all kinds of asbestos. If your property contains white or grey asbestos, when bonded by concrete it is not considered as harmful, and you can remove it yourself in accordance with HSE guides. If your building contains fibrous asbestos, you must call a company that deals with asbestos waste management in Bournemouth to carry out the removal in a safe way.

Before disposing of any bonded asbestos, you must have a Waste Acceptance Criteria assessment carried out to prove that it’s safe to dispose. In the case of fibrous asbestos, AYS Skip Hire can provide a complete Bournemouth waste management service, and take care of any legal matters and necessary paperwork included in its removal.

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Handling your hazardous waste

As a hazardous waste management Bournemouth company, we are fully up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding the disposal of waste considered to be hazardous to human health. Old appliances, batteries, tyres and fluorescent tubes are just some of the materials that cannot be dumped at a general tip, although you can dump some materials if you have made a prior arrangement.

We provide domestic and commercial waste management in Bournemouth. We can organise and plan the expert handling of your waste, including picking it up and disposing of it, taking away the stress and hassle of dealing with it yourself.

Deposing of your plasterboard and gypsum

Did you know that you can no longer dump plasterboard and gypsum in a regular tip? Our Bournemouth waste management will provide you with a skip or bags and take your old plasterboard away to an approved site to be recycled in accordance with government rules and regulations.

What should you do with your WEEE?

Waste Management Bournemouth

As a waste management Bournemouth company, we can legally store up to 80 cubic metres of WEEE waste for the purpose of its recovery elsewhere. In an age where electrical appliances are a part of our everyday lives, the constant modernisation and improvement of technologies means we are regularly chucking out older models, in addition to toys and equipment that we no longer want.

There are elements within electrical appliances that may be hazardous to human health, including mercury and lead, so it is essential that they are recycled or disposed of in a responsible way. Whether you run a domestic or commercial establishment, as part of our waste management in Bournemouth, we can supply you with a skip and take away your WEEE.

Why choose AYS Skip Hire’s Bournemouth waste management service?

With a huge variety of skips available at competitive prices, we are the number one for waste management Bournemouth. Known for our fast and reliable service, we will make sure your waste is handled efficiently and professionally in line with all the necessary legalities and paperwork.

No matter the size of your establishment, our commercial and domestic Bournemouth waste management service can get rid of your rubbish and dispose of any hazardous materials.

We can supply you with a no-obligation quotation, and advise you on the necessary handling of your waste.

Contact our team

Contact our team of waste management Bournemouth specialists now. We are on hand to give you a competitive quotation and advice on how best to handle your waste. Remember, don’t deal with fibrous asbestos yourself – it’s imperative that you seek a professional company to do it for you.