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Are you looking for the most reliable way to approach waste management in Poole? Then look no further than AYS Skip Hire! We provide green and eco-friendly waste services in the Poole area. We work with different types of projects that might produce waste, such as construction, renovation, and even those spring cleaning.

So, if you are looking for a company in Poole to safely dispose of any type of waste in the most effective and eco-friendly way possible, then AYS Skip Hire is the perfect fit for you. Get in contact with us by calling 01202 808007 or 01258 857977.

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The Best Waste Management Poole Residents Can Count On

Here at AYS Skip Hire, we are one of Poole’s best privately owned waste management and rubbish recycling companies. With over 30 years of expertise, we’ve swiftly established ourselves as the ideal choice for the best waste management Poole residents can count on. We’re known for providing a quick and dependable service, which many clients have grown to rely on.

We take pleasure in being a low-cost, eco-friendly company that strives to improve the quantity of rubbish we recycle. We guarantee the maximum degree of client satisfaction to our high-quality service with a team of highly qualified professionals.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Waste Management Company

People often think that handling waste and rubbish by themselves is better than paying money and hiring someone to do it for them. However, there is a multitude of benefits to hiring a professional waste management company.

If you are a business owner, it would be cost-effective for you to leave the time consuming and difficult task of business waste management for the professionals. Moreover, hiring professionals will benefit you in the time needed to process the waste management and help you recycle difficult material regardless of the size of the waste.

Professional Waste Management Services

AYS Skip Hire can assist you with all of your waste management needs in Poole. Our team, which includes friendly, experienced, and qualified waste specialists, as well as contemporary equipment and drivers, is ready to provide professional waste management services in Poole, including:

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous construction material that was formerly widely used in the 1990s. It is dangerous due to the fact that asbestos contains straight needle-like particles that may penetrate and adhere to lung tissue, producing significant scarring.

Asbestos removal is a speciality of ours, and we can properly remove and dispose of all types of asbestos. We will take care of the legal obligations, site registration, all relevant consignment notes, and even propose the right SIC code at AYS Skip Hire.

Hazardous and Special Waste Management

Hazardous waste management covers a wide range of products, from refrigerators and freezers to meat waste, pressurised containers, tyres, and more. Hazardous waste must no longer be disposed of with non-hazardous waste, according to a ruling by the EU in July 2004.

As a result, our Poole waste management service fills a critical gap in the market by allowing you to unload products that would otherwise be prohibited by your local tip.

Waste Management Poole

WEEE Removal and Recycling

Many people hoard large appliances like computers and televisions because they don’t know how to properly dispose of them. However, with our waste management Poole services, we can dispose of all electrical items like kitchen appliances, sports equipment, computers, phones, and lighting quickly and effectively.

So, if you have any waste electrical and electronic equipment, AYS Skip Hire can provide you with a competitive price. The disposal and transportation of WEEE are managed under the Environment Protection Act 1990 Part II, Waste Management Licencing Regulations 1994.

Reliable Rubbish Clearance Services

We can clear your garage, yard, shed, and household waste with our reliable rubbish clearance services. All rubbish will be put into our skips and removed away from your property in a tidy and orderly manner. We are dedicated to offering services that are ecologically friendly. We recycle at least 85% of all mixed general rubbish, so you can rest assured that by hiring us, you’ll also be helping the environment.

How to Choose Your Skips

When it comes to choosing a skip, you must make sure that the skip you choose is appropriate for the task at hand. To begin, you must first determine exactly what waste you will be disposing of. As skips differ in size, the skip you choose will depend on the type of waste you’ll be handling, as well as the quantity. For instance, if you’re disposing of construction waste such as soil, plasterboard, and tiles, you’ll be needing a 6yd maxi skip.

Skip Sizes

Here at AYS Skip Hire, we provide a variety of skips in various sizes, including: 

  • 2yd mini skip 
  • 4yd midi skip 
  • 6yd maxi skip 
  • 8yd maxi plus skip 
  • 10yd mega skip 
  • 12yd mega plus skip 

Check out our website for complete skip measurements to determine which skip is best for you. 

Highway Skips

If you don’t have enough space on your private property to place a skip, then you’ll have to place it on the side of the road or on a grass verge. However, in order to do so, you’ll first need a permit from the local authority. At AYS Skip Hire, simply contact us with the details of the skip you want, and we will contact your local council to acquire the permit, which takes 2-5 working days to process.

RoRo Hire

Sometimes, even the largest traditional skip isn’t big enough for your needs, in which case roro skip hire can assist. Roll-on-roll-off skips are available in a variety of sizes and forms, so you can get the skip that best suits your needs. Construction projects, huge office buildings, businesses, and other commercial organisations that generate more rubbish than residential or domestic consumers are ideal candidates for our roro skip hire.

Why Choose Us for Waste Management Poole Residents? 

We take pleasure in our Poole surroundings at AYS Skip Hire, which is why we offer a waste management service that is ecologically friendly. We ensure that waste is recycled whenever feasible and that all other waste is properly disposed of. We can drastically minimise the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills by recycling and sorting it.

Our waste management team in Poole has all of the essential permits and certifications to handle any type of waste, including all kinds of household waste. We can assist you with one-time waste disposal or a recurring waste collection service. Your Poole site will be cleaned in no time with a team of experienced drivers and qualified waste workers.

Contact Us Today

AYS Skip Hire is the expert company you need for all of your waste management needs in Poole. So, whether you’re searching for a company to dispose of your business waste on a regular basis or just want to get rid of your household waste, call our staff, who can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

To learn more about our waste management services in Poole, get in touch with our team of professionals right away. You can give us a call on 01202 808007 or 01258 857977. Alternatively, you can send us an email to office@aysskiphire.co.uk or fill out our online contact form.