Waste Removal in Bournemouth

Does your business generate large amounts of waste? Are you looking for a company who can effectively handle this volume of waste removal in Bournemouth? Look no further than AYS Skip Hire Ltd, experts at delivering a complete waste management service. To find out more about this service and how we can help you, please call us on 01202 808007.

Waste Removal in Bournemouth
Waste Removal Bournemouth
Waste Disposal in Bournemouth
Bournemouth Waste Removal

Your Local Bournemouth Waste Removal Experts

Whether you are looking for frequent disposal of your business’ waste or you wish to offload a large amount of waste in one go, we can help. At AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we can provide an efficient and affordable solution, regardless of your requirements. When it comes to waste removal, Bournemouth clients can rely on us to handle the following:

Asbestos Waste Removal in Bournemouth

The removal of any asbestos waste requires a qualified team that have the experience needed to handle it safely. Here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we are one of the few companies in Dorset that can dispose of asbestos. We have a team of experts who can advise you on your asbestos affected material and the safe and legal disposal of it.

Our team can handle every aspect of asbestos disposal for you in Bournemouth. Waste removal is just one aspect; we will also take care of the legal duties, consignment notes, and recommend the correct SIC code.

AYS Skip Hire Asbestos Removal in Bournemouth

Hazardous Waste Removal Bournemouth Can Trust

Waste is classed as hazardous when it contains or has properties that are harmful to human health or the environment. In the UK, over 5 million tonnes of hazardous waste is produced every year, some of which ends up buried in landfills. However, the European Union Legislation introduced in 2004 means hazardous waste can no longer be disposed of alongside non-hazardous waste.

At AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we have provided a complete and reliable hazardous special waste disposal service. There are many items which are classed has hazardous, and we can effectively and legally dispose of them. From batteries and paint tins to extinguishers and tyres, simply call our team today.

AYS Skip Hire Hazardous Waste Removal in Bournemouth

Plasterboard Gypsum Products

In the past, plasterboard and gypsum could be disposed of in small quantities in landfill sites. However, this is no longer the case as the law now states that plasterboard cannot be disposed of in a usual landfill cell. All your plasterboard waste must now be separated and disposed of or recycled in a different way, something we can help with.

We provide 100% recycling and recovery for all plasterboard and gypsum products, with a zero landfill guarantee. For environmentally sound and cost effective recycling solutions, we are the best choice.

AYS Skip Hire plasterboard and gypsum

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

When you are looking for a company to handle your WEEE waste removal in Bournemouth, look no further than AYS Skip Hire Ltd. We are legally able to collect and store up to 80 cubic metres of Waste Electrical and Electronic Waste Equipment (WEEE) at one time, for purpose of its recovery elsewhere.

The WEEE Directive covers a wide range of products, from large and small household appliances to automatic dispensers and toys, leisure, and sports equipment. If you have such items and wish to dispose of them, we can handle it at a highly competitive price.

WEEE Waste Removal in Bournemouth

Why Choose AYS Skip Hire Ltd for Your Waste Removal in Bournemouth?

When it comes to safe and legal solutions regarding waste removal, Bournemouth need look no further than the AYS Skip Hire Ltd team. We are one of the South’s leading privately owned skip hire and waste recycling companies, and we have over 30 years of experience. As such, we are the only company you need to call for all your waste disposal needs.

We have become renowned for our fast, reliable services which cater to both domestic and commercial clients. When you need effective waste removal in Bournemouth, you can trust our team to meet all your requirements. We will provide honest, reliable advice and ensure you receive a service that is tailored to your specifications.

Better yet, we offer FREE, no obligation quotations across all of our services. So, when you need waste removal in Bournemouth, you have absolutely nothing to lose by reaching out to AYS Skip Hire Ltd today. If you’re unhappy with our quote, you can simply walk away.

We are not just Bournemouth waste removal experts, however. Our services cover a range of locations, including Poole, Wimborne, Verwood, Blandford Forum, Ringwood, and Christchurch. Regardless of where you are located in Dorset, we can help, so reach out today via one of the below contact methods.

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For further information or to receive your FREE, no obligation quote regarding waste removal in Bournemouth, please get in touch today on 01202 808007. Alternatively, you can send an email to office@aysskiphire.co.uk or fill out our online form and we will respond as soon as possible.