Waste removal in Christchurch

Do you need a reliable company to carry out your waste removal in Christchurch? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, we are the number one company to call for all of your waste removal services. Thanks to our years of expertise and extensive knowledge, we can perform any waste removal service you desire.

So, to learn more about our waste removal, Christchurch residents, give us a call on 01202 808007 and chat with one of our representatives. You can also send us an email to office@aysskiphire.co.uk or fill out our online contact form.

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The Most Professional Waste Removal Christchurch Residents Can Rely On

Waste removal in Christchurch
Here at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, we have a team of skilled and professionally trained workers who can carry out the most professional services for waste removal that Christchurch residents can always rely on. We can assist you in disposing of your company’s rubbish on a regular basis or in offloading a significant volume of rubbish in one go. Regardless of your needs, our team can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

We are aware of the environmental impact of waste disposal as waste management professionals. Our employees recycle wherever feasible, and you can rest certain that no hazardous materials will end up in a landfill. We are authorised to remove and transport rubbish from houses and are registered with the Environment Agency. Our organisation is also fully insured for all actions associated with providing waste removal services in Christchurch.

Benefits Of Hiring A Waste Removal Service

Handling waste is a tough task, especially when it is produced in large amounts. There are several standards and processes to follow to ensure that undesirable materials or substances are disposed of securely, properly, and in an ecologically responsible manner. However, when you choose to work with our Christchurch team, waste removal can become a lot easier to handle.

Other than that, you may also be unaware that you are handling hazardous materials that must be managed in a proper and legal way. But at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, our professionals know exactly how and where to dispose of these materials so that they don’t cause harm to you, your employees, and the environment.

Various Skips for You to Choose From

At A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, we understand that no two jobs are the same. For this reason, our skip hires, Christchurch customers, are completely bespoke to meet your exact needs. We offer a variety of skips for you to choose from, and these include:

  • Skips For Wood
  • Skips For Green Waste
  • Skips For Soil and Rubble

Skip Sizes

To cater to both residential and commercial properties, we provide skips in various sizes. With us, depending on the amount of waste you want to remove, you can find skips in the following sizes:

  • 2 Yd Mini Skip
  • 4 Yd Midi Skip
  • 6 Yd Maxi Skip
  • 8 Yd Maxi Plus Skip
  • 10 Yd Mega Skip
  • 12 Yd Mega Skip

Highway Skips

Other than placing skips in private properties, we also provide highway skips for those who don’t have enough space on their property. However, for a skip to be placed on a public highway, including roads, pavements, and verges, it needs a special licence. If you hire us for a highway skip, we will contact the Council and get the licence for you within 2 to 7 working days.

You’re also required to keep the skip illuminated at night to avoid accidents. Also, avoid overfilling it and remove it within two days after it is full.

RoRo Hire

A RoRo hire stands for roll-on-roll-off skips. It’s one of the industry’s largest rubbish bins, built to load, contain, and remove massive amounts of non-hazardous waste. Their huge size means that they must be kept off-road. As a result, they’re ideal for commercial use, particularly on huge construction projects but also for large-scale household projects such as whole-home renovations or new home construction.

Safe Asbestos Removal

One of the hazardous materials that we safely handle and dispose of is asbestos. However, if asbestos is handled incorrectly, asbestos exposure can occur, leading to the development of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses. However, at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, our specialists are fully trained and certified to handle asbestos safely while following the regulations set by the HSE.

More Than Just Waste Removal Services

Other than our waste removal services, Christchurch residents, you can also come to A.Y.S SKIP HIRE for various other rubbish related services. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Waste Management

As previously mentioned, we at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE are the premier company for all of your waste management needs. From commercial waste and household waste to hazardous waste, there’s nothing that we can’t manage. Our waste management services are completely bespoke as well as environmentally friendly. They are also of the greatest quality, and we have a proven track record of being a dependable and competent company.

Rubbish Clearance

When it comes to rubbish clearance, we can work on different properties, including houses, garages, lofts, sheds, and more. Our experts for rubbish removal, Christchurch customers, will perform all of the hard liftings and guarantee that your site is cleared quickly. We can handle any form of rubbish, from garden waste and rubble to furniture, so whatever you’re seeking to get rid of, we’ve got you covered.

Waste Recycling

As has been stated above, we do our best to be an environmentally friendly company. Waste recycling is part of how we achieve that. So when we come to collect your waste, and our skip hires that you’re utilising, we always recycle whatever we can and dispose of materials that are not recyclable in an ecologically and safe manner.

WEEE Removal

At A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, we are licensed to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment, often known as WEEE. Any product that requires a battery or a cable to function, such as refrigerators and computers, is classified as WEEE. Non-household sources, such as offices, workplaces, schools, and hospitals, contribute to this kind of waste the most.

So, if you’re a business owner and you have large quantities of WEEE that requires removal, then we are the company to call as we are authorised to collect and keep up to 80 cubic metres of this waste.


To take a look at our skip hires and other equipment we use for our waste removal services, then head over to our gallery page.

Why Should You Choose A.Y.S. SKIP HIRE For Waste Removal Christchurch Residents?

Here at A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, we have gone through a number of waste removal projects in Christchurch over the last 30 years. We have worked on gardens, garages, residences, and offices in the past, so no matter how big or little your project is, you’ll be in good hands.

If you need a Christchurch waste removal service that adheres to all government regulations, we’re the company to call now! We are completely licensed to collect and transport rubbish from residential and commercial locations. When you hire us for a Christchurch waste removal, you can rest assured that we dispose of any rubbish in an environmentally acceptable manner.

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Are you looking for the best team to take care of your waste? Do you wish to hire a trustworthy and affordable company for waste removal? Christchurch residents, look no further than A.Y.S SKIP HIRE, the leading company for waste removal in Christchurch. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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