WEEE Disposal in Bournemouth

Do you have some electrical products you need to dispose of but are unsure where to take them? Have you been searching for a company that can handle the disposal of these electrical products for you? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at AYS Skip Hire Ltd are the premier team when it comes to WEEE disposal in Bournemouth. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and these products need to be disposed of correctly, which is where our team comes in.

Over the years, we have helped many clients in Bournemouth with the safe disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. We have a wealth of knowledge and can take many items off your hands. So, if you think you can benefit from our WEEE disposal, Bournemouth clients, simply get in touch. You can call us today on 01202 808007 to find out more.

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The Most Trusted Company for WEEE Disposal in Bournemouth

When it comes to disposing of any electrical or electronic equipment, it is important to ensure it is done so safely and correctly. This is because many of these products contain harmful substances that can be detrimental to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. Here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we can help you with the safe disposal of WEEE products in Bournemouth.

We are the most trusted company for WEEE disposal Bournemouth has to offer, as we are able to collect and store up to 80 cubic metres of WEEE waste at one time for the purpose of its recovery elsewhere. We are licenced under the Environmental Protection act 1990 – Part II, Waste Management Licencing Regulations 1994 (as amended), Regulations 17 & 18 and Schedule 3.

We have been offering this service to clients in Bournemouth for many years now and have assisted many in the disposal of their WEEE products. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that can match everything we offer.

What Is WEEE Disposal?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and this is a broad term for any products that use batteries or plugs. These products often contain hazardous substances and parts, such as mercury in some switches, lead in solder, and cadmium in batteries. When disposed of incorrectly, these harmful substances can affect the environment, which is why these products must now be disposed of in a certain way.

WEEE disposal is, therefore, the disposal of this waste electrical and electronic equipment, and it is a highly regulated service that needs to be undertaken by a professional and licenced team. This is where our team comes in at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, as we are fully licenced to carry out this service in the Bournemouth area.

What Does Our WEEE Disposal Include?

WEEE covers a wide range of products, which we can collect and dispose of here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd. Some of the many products covered include:

  • Bournemouth Maxi Skip Hire
    Large and Small Household Appliances
  • IT and Telecommunication Equipment
  • Consumer Equipment such as TVs, Videos, Hi-Fi
  • Toys, Leisure, and Sports Equipment

Why It’s Important to Hire a WEEE Disposal Expert

When it comes to WEEE disposal in Bournemouth, it is important to work with a professional and reliable expert. This is because these electrical and electronic products can be harmful to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. Here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we are the experts for Bournemouth WEEE disposal as we have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Disposing of WEEE requires following strict guidance and regulation, with the sites in which you can dispose of it being limited. We are licenced to handle this service for you and are one of the only sites in the South that can.

Other Waste Management Services

Here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we can offer much more than just WEEE disposal in Bournemouth. As an experienced waste management company, we can offer a wide range of other waste management services for our clients in Bournemouth, including asbestos removal and plasterboard products. You can find out more about these services below.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is an extremely harmful substance when it has been disturbed, as the fibres become airborne and breathable, leading to serious health issues. As such, if you suspect you have asbestos on your property and are planning on carrying out a project that will disturb it, you will need to have it removed. We can help with this at AYS Skip Hire Ltd as we offer a reliable and professional asbestos removal service.

Our team will identify the asbestos on your property and advise you on the best method to remove it. We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to asbestos removal, Bournemouth clients, so we will know exactly how to proceed. Our team always work with safety in mind when removing asbestos, and we will always dispose of it in a safe manner, following all regulations.

Plasterboard Products

Plasterboard products used to be disposed of alongside regular waste in landfills, but this is no longer the case. It must now be separated and disposed of or recycled in a different way to the rest of your waste, and we can help with this at AYS Skip Hire Ltd. We have been providing this service for many years now, disposing of plasterboard waste in an environmentally safe and cost-effective way.

We supply skips and bags for your plasterboard products and offer 100% recycling and recovery for all your products. We have a zero-landfill guarantee and provide a full audit trail with our recycling.

Domestic and Commercial WEEE Disposal

Our WEEE disposal in Bournemouth is available for both domestic and commercial clients alike. Whatever your requirements may be and regardless of the products you need to dispose of, we can assist.

Why Choose Us for Your WEEE Disposal in Bournemouth?

Here at AYS Skip Hire Ltd, we are an experienced and professional company for all waste management services. We have been operating in the South of England for many years now, assisting clients with their waste management needs, including that for WEEE removal in Bournemouth.

We always work with safety and the environment in mind, following all regulations and legislation to ensure we dispose of waste correctly. When it comes to Bournemouth WEEE disposal, we are one of the only licenced teams in Dorset.

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While there are many companies in the Dorset area offering waste management services, there are no other companies that can offer WEEE disposal in Bournemouth to match our service. We are the number one company for this service, offering reliable and safe disposal of your electrical products, in line with all regulations. So, if you are convinced that we are the team you need for WEEE disposal, there are a few ways you can get in touch.

First, you can give us a call today on 01202 808007. A member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail, answer any questions you may have, and offer helpful advice. Alternatively, should you wish to get in touch via a written method, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at office@aysskiphire.co.uk. We will respond as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact.