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Does your business require WEEE disposal in Bournemouth? Failing to find a company offering WEEE disposal to help you take care of this process can result in hefty fines and other enforcement action against your business. These costs can easily spiral into the thousands of pounds and have ruined several non-compliant businesses in the past. Avoid this hassle by calling AYS Skip Hire today for a stress-free service.

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About our WEEE disposal Bournemouth services

All companies that trade in the UK must dispose of any electrical waste they dispose of under the WEEE regulations. These items can range from obvious things like computers and TVs, to other items such as batteries and kitchen appliances. The WEEE regulations are expected to continue largely unaltered after the UK leaves the European Union, so it’s well worth building a relationship with a company offering WEEE disposal in Bournemouth to ensure that your legal obligations are taken care of.

A full list of the products covered by our WEEE disposal Bournemouth service is available on our WEEE information page. This list is occasionally updated to take account of new electronic innovations and changes to recycling practice, so be sure to check it regularly.

Many electronic devices contain mercury, lead, lithium, and other environmentally damaging materials. Failing to dispose of these properly can create an enormous environmental health hazard and be heavily damaging to public health. As an upstanding local business, you have a responsibility to your customers to take care of these hazardous waste items. WEEE disposal in Bournemouth from AYS Skip Hire can help you discharge these important duties onto the experts.

If your need for a Bournemouth WEEE disposal service forms part of a larger job, we’d also be delighted to hear from you. We have years of experience in handling all sorts of waste, from the simple to the hazardous. We can advise on cost and the amount of time that it will take to dispose of your waste items and arrange for a safe and simple disposal of your waste. The sooner you contact us on 01202 808007, the sooner we’ll be able to make the arrangements for you.

WEEE disposal in Bournemouth – What items do we cover?

Some of the most common items that we are asked to dispose of as part of our Bournemouth WEEE disposal service include:  WEEE Disposal in Bournemouth

  • Computers and laptops
  • Televisions, radios, mobile phones and tablets
  • Toys and other electronic games
  • Kitchen appliances

Throwing these items into a normal skip or rubbish bin is as illegal as leaving them by the side of the road or throwing them in the sea. Your company can be fined significant amounts if it is found to be contravening these measures. It’s easy to fall foul of the law if you’re not an expert, that’s why many local businesses have selected our service to take care of their requirement for WEEE disposal in Bournemouth.

About AYS Skip Hire – WEEE Disposal Bournemouth experts

We specialise in offering skip hire and other rubbish clearing services to businesses across Bournemouth and Dorset. We’ve been helping local businesses and homes to dispose of large amounts of waste for several years. As rubbish disposal has grown more complex, we’ve grown too. Bournemouth WEEE disposal is an important part of what we do and, as well as helping to dispose of electrical products; we’re on hand to advise on what products are covered by the regulation.

Our waste disposal experts can give in-depth advice on disposing of a range of complex waste items. If you have any questions or doubts, then please contact our team. We’d be very happy to hear from you and advise on the correct disposal of your waste items.

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Demand for our services can be high. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we’ll be able to organise the required WEEE disposal in Bournemouth. You can get in touch with us on the contact page or call our friendly team of experts on 01202 808007, and we’ll be happy to help.